Sunday, February 5, 2012

A week in the life

Whenever I talk about triathlons or running or biking or swimming individually with people who don't do all three or don't do any of them the thing I hear most is: how do you find the time?

I'm married, have three little kids and a job. I feel like I live a pretty normal life, and tossing in 7 or 8 hours of workouts a week in there is pretty doable without any major interruption.

So this week I will post an entry a day about how that day went down. This week of training isn't super strenuous, there will be weeks in my future before June where the hours start to rachet up a bit, but the general idea of how I fit workouts into my daily schedule and still have time for everything else is roughly the same.

One important note
My wife is the most supportive person I know when it comes to basically all things in my life. As I navigate my life from day to day I try to identify traits in others I enjoy, appreciate, and want to emulate. This is one of those traits. Without her love and support I am sure I would be much more stressed about getting time in from day to day.

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