Wednesday, February 29, 2012


As I was sitting on my bike today doing an easier sort of recovery workout I realized that working out at home can be classy or even fancy.

Today's Setup
My little black bike. Tonight he is sporting two Trinona water bottles, a bra, my bike shoes have been permanently left on for the remainder of the winter, and a red training tire for dramatic accents. Stunning.

Of course, every indoor rider here has their own personal air movement machine. This particular one has three speeds so you can not only be comfortable, but if it called for it you could have action shots where your hair is blowing naturally in the wind.

What indoor ride would be complete without some in-ride entertainment? Tonight's feature was a documentary about society's reliance on technology and how in the future, if we're not careful, we may become totally dependent on it to the point of self destruction - The Matrix

So I got on, spun my legs for an hour or so. Some of it was pretty easy, some of it was rightfully hard. I need to figure out a way to get video of the sweat that basically constantly drips from my head. Once tonight I noticed, and I'm pretty sure this isn't an exaggeration, 5 drops of sweat in the air at the same time coming off my head during a three-minute suffer. See what I'm saying? Fancy.

Today's Attire
Even after an hour of working hard, who doesn't have time for a smile? It's really the hallmark of high-society exercising. Here you can see that I am sporting a business casual workout outfit. White polo, because you always want to look you best.

These three show the rest of the body. I did stop to put on some biking shorts, because really when you're on the bike for five or six hours a week you really want to keep that tushy safe. It also goes some way toward helping protect my ability to ensure my lineal line continues as long as I want.

Because I don't think you can fully appreciate the sweating I do by looking at the above pictures, I did what every self respecting socialite would do and put a picture of my sweat soaked bike shorts. Yeah, that's classy, I think this might illustrate why it seems like my wife washes these after every ride.
So there you have it. I'm keeping it classy - classy in Minnesota.


Amy said...

So you did your trainer workout in a polo shirt? My favorite part of the pictures of your glam set up is the little potty next to the tv. I am jealous of your red tire. Or maybe envious ... if jealousy is the green monster is envy red?

Jeremy said...

Yep, I classed it up in my polo. I'm thinking maybe a cardboard cutout of a horse might finish the overall theme better.

Also I think red is passion. So your passionate about my red tire :)