Friday, February 24, 2012


I am feeling worn down by this week. When I looked at the week ahead of time it didn't look that bad, and I'm getting a decent amount of sleep. But, I tell you what, I am feeling it here on the last day. It's almost comical - my legs are sore, my arms and chest are feeling tight, heck even my feet are a little sore. It's like I'm falling apart :)

Here's what the week looked like
  • 90 minutes moderate, make sure to hit some hills to mix it up
  • Swimming - fairly easy sets, 3300 yards
  • Bike
    • 15 minute warmup
    • 7x
      • 4 minutes hard (7 or 8 on a 10 scale)
      • 1 minute easy
    • 15 minute cool down
  • I was so tired after this I dozed off during stretching
  • Swim - moderate sets, my shoulders were ultra tired after this, 3300 yards
  • Run - moderate, 30 minutes
  • Bike - low effort, 30 minutes
  • Run
    • 6x
      • 20 second stride
      • 9:40 moderate
    • 5x
      • 20 second stride
      • 1 minute recovery
  • I was huffing and puffing pretty hard at the end of that one, plus apparently my brain stopped working correctly about 25 minutes in because I got lost and had to modify my route so I'd get back to work at the right time
  • Swim - leveled up for the day, moderate to hard sets, I was totally spent with 300 yards to go, 3600 yards
  • Run - 30 minutes, EASY
Tomorrow has nothing scheduled, I'm going to be as lazy as I can while still letting my wife sleep in :) Next week there's going to be a jump in total time in both bike and run, and some good effort in there too. The good thing about next week is a mid-week rest.


amjeso said...

It seems like it's been an easy week. Maybe you need a burger. Or sushi. Hmmm. sounds like we should go to Kona Grill. :) Or a 10-pack of tacos.

Here's hoping the kids take it easy on you this weekend.

Jeremy said...

It seemed easy to me too, but there were a couple of harder workouts tossed in there. So I guess it's good that the kids' illness didn't last too long :)

Amy said...

You dozed while stretching ... whoa!