Monday, February 13, 2012

Rumble In Prior Lake

It's recently come to light that my SIL (who raced with me last summer) has recently set a new goal that is exactly the same as one of my goals.

A big goal this summer for her - besides doing a bunch of triathlons, running a half marathon, and running a marathon is to win her age group at the Prior Lake triathlon.

Now she and I have been sort of pushing each other, not in that super competitive way, but in that way that helps get you out of bed at five in the morning so that you know you went instead of just taking some extra sleep. It's been fun.

I wish her the best luck, I'm looking forward to seeing what she can do this summer. Maybe we'll both win, maybe only one of us will win, or maybe niether. You know what, the fun part is going to be doing it.

The closer this season gets the more excited I'm getting. There are some big goals swirling around in the air around me.
  • My wife will run her first half and full marathon
  • I will do a couple of half iron distance races
  • My sister will do a couple of half iron distances, and maybe we'll even do some together
  • My SIL will do her first half marathon, Olympic tri, half iron tri, full marathon
 Oh right, and I fully plan on beating the pants off the SIL this summer, bring it!

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