Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January Training Notes

This month my totals look like this

Swim31,000 yards11 hours
Bike73 miles6:15 hours
Run43.5 miles6:15 hours

My official training plan started on the 23rd. The rest of the month was gearing up for the plan. Establishing a 'base' if you will. The plan assumed I was not just climbing off the couch. With just over a week under my belt the plan has added a certain amount of structure to the schedule which is a special challenge all it's own. But so far so good.

Swimming is going well, I'm doing an hour three days a week, averaging about 3k yards a day. I've said it before and I'll say it again, joining a masters team is probably the easiest way to get better at swimming. My sister-in-law who proclaims she had never swam before is already on the verge of moving out of the beginner's lane.

Last month I said I needed to get my butt ready for the training season (literally - so it wouldn't be sore.) I didn't quite get there, so my little tushy has been sore for a few days here. All of those hours are trainer hours, but it's going well. As I look forward on the schedule I can see that the bike portions are going to get tougher.

Having an abnormally warm winter has been great. I think of all that running I've only done two on the treadmill. One thing about the treadmill - IT MAKES RUNNING A MILLION TIMES HARDER.

Two runs. On the left is outside. On the right inside. Notice how I can run almost as far in 10 fewer minutes

This month's resolution was to eat breakfast every morning. It went well, I'll be trying to stick with it, though one sort of tricky part of this is that every couple of weeks I like to try to sleep past when someone would normally eat breakfast and just start at lunch time. I didn't do that this month, but I may in the future :)

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