Monday, February 6, 2012

WITL : Sunday


Heading to bed - SNL got me again. The plan is to be up and on the bike trainer by 6.


Ha! Still awake, did some prep for morning and started the dish washer. This probably won't be as funny at 5:30 :)


Oldest up - mom took over


Up late, still need to get dressed and set up. Shorter than planned workout ahead.
  • Eat breakfast
  • Setup bike

Finally on the bike. 45 minutes lost to sleeping in.

45 minutes mostly normal pace. Mix in some hills.
Since I'm on a trainer hills equals big gear which should slow down my cadence.
This was supposed to be a 90 minute ride

  • Off the bike.
  • Chat with wife.
  • Take shower
  • Get dressed
  • Brush oldest's hair and teeth
  • Brush middle's hair and teeth
  • Put bike away
  • Get coats on

Out the door on the way to church.


At church, on time. Climbed what felt like a hundred steps to find a new place to sit. My legs are more tired than I figured :)

Philippians 1:15-18

The littlest didn't make it, mom took her to the family room.


Young families group
The littlest didn't make it. Mom put her in the nursery. She didn't make it there either.


Home. Figure out what we want for lunch.


Help the kids with a craft.


Lunch in for the kids - corn dogs and fresh oven baked fries.

The wife is on the bike trainer

Pizza and cut veggies for the adults (I snuck a corn dog too)


Took some water down to the wife and turned off the heat. The trainer is an unhappy place when the heat is on. Also made sure the fan was blowing on her.




Lunch is done - veg for a few


Just woke up from a nap. The wife is making soup for tomorrow.


Made a double batch of hummus and some fresh lemonade. Who would have thought that would take so long :)


Just got done sitting around chatting with the SIL and wife. Also tasted some of the new lemonade. Gonna go hang out with the kids for a bit.


Parents know, if your kids are playing peacefully, let them play. I watched them play for a bit while I held the littlest. Mom and SIL went to the store for a small break.


The SIL and wife came home with super bowl snacks. My body is a temple of sugar and salt :p. We spent some time enjoying a tiny bit of that, then went down to watch some pre-game and tickled the kids for about 45 minutes.

Game time.


Bedtime for the kids. Getting a kid to eat soup when there are snacks around is T.O.U.G.H. But we did it.


Kids in bed
  • Bath time done
  • Teeth brushed
  • Hair brushed
  • Books read
  • Tucked in

Kids both sleeping. The best thing about this time of day is that I usually sneak a little nap in :p


Game is over. Time to get ready for the morning. Up before five :s


Ok for real this time, make lunch. The littlest was squawking up a storm and I hadn't taken a turn yet.


Made lunch for tomorrow, packed swimming and running gear. Talked to the wife for a while.

Time to stretch, need more sleep than last night ;)


Stretching done - heading to bed.

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