2013 Goals

Last year I did per month goals, or per month resolutions. It was a neat idea, but honestly I felt mentally taxed by the end of the year. It was hard to get excited about it.

This year I'm thinking that I'll just come up with some specific training/racing related goals.


New 5k and 10k PRs.


I think last year in more than one triathlon I finished the race with faster 5ks than my PR. Goal time 22:00, that's two minutes faster than my PR, or about 40 seconds per mile.


For the 10k, after the Get In Gear race last I figured I could probably go faster, even if all I did was just set myself up closer to the start of the race. Not quite Steve in a Speedo close, because he can run faster than me pushing his kid in the jogger hopped up on cat-nip in a kitten mile. Goal time 46:30, that's 2:30 faster than my current PR, or about 25 seconds per mile.


TNT - I'm going to try to blow some stuff up :) It looks like if I show up and hold the pace I was doing last year I can be consistently toward the end of the pack. But it will be good for me. The goal will be to push myself to be faster.


The goal here is to figure out a way to motivate myself to swim the entire season. When looking at my average swim paces in last year's races it was clear that I was fading near the end of the season, and I could feel it. Since the big race of the year is at the end of the season and will also have the longest swim, it will be key to be strongest then, not fading.

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