Saturday, February 11, 2012

WITL : Saturday

Awake. Current temp is -1 with a -15 windchill. The wife and SIL have a 5k today, they're brave!

SIL went to the 5k, we did not. Mixed emotions, but it really does seem to cold to be outside running.

Also, just took a shower and fell asleep sitting in the bathroom afterwards.

Out at lunch with the family. Going to go get some fish after this.

Got some new fish. Today I've basically been napping on and off every time I get a chance. Just woke up from one :)

Played with the kids, made dinner, cleaned the fish tank now off to the grocery store.

Days off from training are pretty relaxing :)

Went to the store, came back the wife was sick for a short while, so I took the littlest for a bit. Thankfully the wife recovered and I was able to put the groceries away. I also chipped in a d made some frosting for cookies.

Finally, got sucked into SNL again. New week coming up. Maybe I'll get a little more sleep.

There you have it, a week in the life. I think I got all but 45 minutes of workout in, but still chipped in around the house, played with the kids a bunch and hung out with friends.

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