Thursday, March 1, 2012

February Training Notes

This month my totals look like this

Swim35,000 yards11 hours
Bike175 miles13:30 hours
Run45 miles6:40 hours

Things are going pretty well. There was a pretty challenging week about a week ago, and then this week the intensity went down and distance is going up. Also my schedule is switching up a little which I appreciate.

Swimming is going well. I've sort of moved up a lane which I've decided adds about 300 yards per workout. And the last time I went I did the "fast" lane workout. The coach is trying to push me out of my comfort zone, and it was effective. I was looking longingly at the next lane down (which normally I would find challenging) wishing I could have just 5 more seconds of rest :)

HUGE ramp up on miles and time on the bike. But it's going well. I did have a small repair incident. I got on two days ago and my cleat was clicking annoyingly. I mean it's been doing that since last summer, but that night it was super annoying. I was convinced I needed new cleats or pedals, or something. But I took the pedal apart, and basically did nothing with it, and put it back together...viola! No noisy clicks. Yay!

The running is going well, I have run into a small problem though and that is that timed running also has an associated distance. So let's say my schedule says to run 60 minutes. Two months ago that meant 6 miles, then I started throwing in some interval work, then 6 miles turned into 55 minutes. So I'm grappling with how to add small amounts of distance onto routes that are easy to follow and make sure I get back to work at the right time. So far this has been challenging. The other day I meant to run 60 minutes with 10 or 11 intervals. So I figured I needed about 7 miles. I got lost, cut the route short and ended up running about 6 miles ... in, can you guess it? 52 minutes. *sigh* That's about a mile of time...

This month's resolution was to stretch every day. After some reading about the benefits of stretching I mentally switched that to only stretching after workouts. So that meant one day a week I wouldn't do any. The reality of it is that I probably only did this about 60% of the time. I would say though that really this is about an infinite amount more stretching that I normally do. So while I wouldn't say I hit this goal, I did do better than normal. So we'll see, I'll try to stick with this, it has to be better to do it than not :)

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