Thursday, May 31, 2012

May Training Notes

This month my totals look like this

Swim24,900 yards6:10 hours
Bike339 miles19:40 hours
Run77 miles11:15 hours

I feel like I'm in the zone with training. Sometimes it feels almost like autopilot. Looking back I can see I took just about every Friday and Sunday off, but with the exception of swimming my total distance is up over last month. I did two races - Chain of Lakes which went great and the Fargo 1/2 marathon which also went great.

Swimming yards are down, there were about two weeks in there were I only got one swim in during the week. But I'm back at it full force and feeling good.

Biking is going well, summer group rides have started and I try to make at least one of them a week. The group is good at pushing me, even when I want to be taking it easier.

Running is going way better than I anticipated. Overall speed and endurance is way above where I would have expected. I'm by no means a threat to win any road races, but I'm making very steady gains which, of course, feels great. It's getting harder and harder to remember the days of of struggling through a 5k, but I do remember that I didn't finish a 3 mile run without stopping for almost three years.

This month's resolution was to get at least 7 hours of sleep a night. I know this is recommended, many people say it's sort of an American epidemic that we don't ever get enough sleep. Well, all I can say about that is, I love staying up, and not getting up early is not an option. I tried for a couple of weeks, and did pretty well. But it got to the point where I would "go to bed" and just not sleep. And I started to resent this goal, I wasn't feeling any different, but I was loosing a good 1.5 to 2 hours of free time a day. My wife and I agree, I only need a solid night sleep every other day or so, otherwise it actually starts to mess up my life rhythm and I end up messing up a whole week of sleep.

Next month's goal is a month of journal writing. I promise not to spam with a short post every day, I'll probably just do a weekly roll-up that has day-to-day thoughts. It should actually be pretty interesting as I will be doing my first half-iron distance tri, and then transitioning into a 5 week bike strength plan in prep for the rest of the summer.

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keep up the hard work