Friday, May 25, 2012

SILA : 9

What's more aero - new helmet or new wheels? There's a surprising lack of original information here, but I guess that doesn't really matter. The verdict, even the worst aero helmet provides more benefit than the best aero wheels, for about a millionth the cost. Of course your geek factor goes WAY up. In my opinion someone wearing an aero helmet is drawing a lot more attention to themselves than someone with a pair of new zipps, except maybe if you've got a disc wheel, then it's probably the same. And I'd go so far as to say, when you pass someone with that much attention grabbing power you're thinking to yourself... less money, more time.

Take your recovery -  Maybe I'm lazy but when I see recovery days I take them. I love them.

A guy does an entire sprint triathlon while juggling. Impressive.

Video's of Pros doing transition. They make it look so easy

Fast on a budget - Don't have money for a new set of wheels or a new bike. Here are some tips, though interestingly the first one requires a power meter, which is a pretty spendy proposition in itself.

Australian Olympic Selection - I skimmed most of it until the section labeled "Right now" which is where I think it got interesting.

Downhill Running Tips - Along with some interesting insight, this article is also full of funny phrases. "Engage your core" - as if it's some sort of warp drive and "eccentric contraction" - really odd negotiations?

While surfing is a sport, the cool thing about this video is the bullet time shots


Amy said...

so how do you feel if you get passed by "juggling man" during the tri. I think that might be a low point for me ... just saying :-)

amjeso said...

I hope you don't get an aero helmet just yet. Maybe for IMWI.

Amy, right? I might just give up if a juggler passed me. Kind of like the unicycle at the Prior Lake tri last year.

Bullet Time Shot? Does that mean the slo-mo or stopped shots? That was cool.

Jeremy said...

Amy - I hear you, here clearly came in last on the swim (at least in his age group) but there were shots of people behind him. I suppose if someone passed me running while juggling that wouldn't be as bad as the other two legs.

Amanda - It's not that I don't want an aero helmet, it would just make me work harder. I'm just holding my line "the equipment alone isn't enough to make you fast" so if you're going to rock the aero helmet you'd better do the training to support your new higher profile :)

Bullet Time Shot - It's a term coined from the first Matrix movie, where the rotating super slow motion shots were used when Neo was dodging bullets.