Friday, May 11, 2012

SILA : 7

Are you over training? - Focuses on the symptoms of over training. Triathletes are notorious for overtraining because they are trying to excel in three sports at the same time. I suggest not trying to self-diagnose, but you could use this as a barometer.

ITU In San Diego - A sort of sentimental brief look at the history of Triathlon as this major Olympic qualifying event takes place very close to the birthplace of triathlon.

Simple Long Run Recovery Stretch - Apparently it comes from Yoga. It's not too often you see someone recommend just one stretch that will have significant impact, but here someone has done it. I've got a long run coming in a couple of weeks, I'll try it then.

Heart Rate vs. Perceived Exertion - Until the end of last year and in to this year I would not have been able to identify with the perceived exertion, but after 3 or 4 years of gradually building my base I think I can finally tell what pace I believe I can hold for a given amount of time. Of course now I'm reaching for the upper bound, because I want to be fast, but when doing that I am trying to trust the way it feels to gauge if I have more left.

Good Carbs - People who are working out on a regular basis need a good base of carbohydrates to fuel themselves. This is a small list of some carb packed foods that are also good for you.

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