Sunday, June 3, 2012

Weekly Journal Roundup

Friday 6/1
It's 9:22, I almost forgot on the very first day to do this. I was reading an interview from Chrissy Wellington and thought, oh yeah, for SILA, and then I thought, oh yeah, I am supposed to write my stuff daily.

I got an email today about the 70.3 on Saturday, my heart fluttered a little. It strikes me as a little silly, I think for sure I will do fine. I want to do better than I think I can.

Sunday is the last longish workout before the race. After an 80 minute run it will basically be 30 minutes or less until Saturday.

Saturday 6/2
No workout today. I went for my first open water swim in my new wet suit. I tell everyone that the buoyancy is surprising, but I was still surprised. I don't have much of a kick when I'm not sprinting, basically enough to just keep myself level in the water. The wetsuit allows for no kick, my feet just pop right to the surface. I also noticed that I have a fingernail tear in it already *sigh* time to find some glue.

I spent the rest of the day with the family, we went to Valley Fair, which is very local for us. We got season passes, the kids have been twice already this year and they love it.

At this time next week I'll be done with my first 70.3. My sister did hers today, she met her goal basically exactly, it looks like she really rocked the bike leg, so good for her. All of that training is really paying dividends.

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