Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Slacking or Making it Look Easy

My wife told me a story today, she told me that the other day when I didn't go to my masters swimming practice that my sister-in-law and some of her swimming buddies were talking about how I don't work hard when at practice. Apparently I'm not out of breath enough at the end of a set, apparently I need to move up a lane. I guess they don't notice when I throw up a little in my mouth after a hard set - which now that I think about it is a good thing.

Surprisingly I get this a lot.

On a group ride on Monday a guy (who had been dropping me over every hill for about five miles) said I should be riding in the faster group. "You're just toying with us." Apparently he's not ready for the faster group, but he thinks I am.

At the end of my half marathon on Saturday I heard my mother-in-law told people I looked like I wasn't working at all, I was smiling, and ran over to the kids to say hi. She wasn't around when I was wandering around wondering how to get out of the finishing chute :)

It's been the fun way to tease me at the end of triathlons.
I tend to run "thumbs up" and when I see my family I am usually smiling. This is at the end of Trinona
So I guess it looks sort of like I'm having a great time, just out for a fun run. Don't get me wrong, I am usually having a good time, but I almost always have to keep moving at the end of race to avoid puking all over some other finisher or helper. The absolute worst part about a triathlon finish for me is when someone grabs my ankle to grab the chip...'must keep moving, barf imminent'

Last summer at the end of one the group rides, a guy and I had gone off the front of the group. I was working my tail off, and he says "are you even trying right now?" Seriously, I was having trouble talking I was breathing so hard.

I know its all in good fun. I think it's fun, I like joking about it, defending my hard working self. But it does make me think.

The standing joke about how I look at the end of a triathlon prompted my "go as hard as I can" goal. I will probably move up to the next lane before the end of the summer. I will probably move up to the next bike group before the end of summer.

You know what though? I probably will still look like I'm not working hard. What can I say, I make it look easy :) So if you see me at a race and it looks like I'm taking it easy, or we're out for a ride and I look like I'm coasting through, let me have it - I'll say I'm working hard (because I am) but it will probably motivate me a little, I'll take it.

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