Sunday, June 24, 2012

Weekly Journal Roundup

Sun 6/17
Fathers day, I woke up to hugs from the older kids. They kids and wife got my some good gifts. Hammer gels to replace the supply that's gone. Clips to keep my shoes level on my bike during swim to bike transition. And a battery for my drill, the current battery only lasts about 12 seconds (not exaggerating)

We went to a local criterian bike race that we went to last father's day. It's got some crazy hill on it, 22% at one point near the top. That was pretty fun, we left early due to rain.

I skipped the run today, I'll do it tomorrow.

Mon 6/18
Did the run from yesterday, it was pretty warm when I left the house so I took of bunch of fluid with me. It went well, the temperature started dropping as the sun was going down so that was good.

Tue 6/19
Bad weather this morning, skipped the bike because it was raining. Actually I was going to setup the trainer in the garage which probably would have been a pretty good workout, instead I fell asleep on the couch.  Amanda is feeling ill, I stayed home to take care of the kids so she could rest. I'll do the ride on Thursday.

It's the end of the day, I forgot my wife is swimming some mornings now. It just got a little harder to wedge a two hour ride in Thursday.

Wed 6/20
Got up and went swimming today, overall the workout didn't seem that hard, but boy am I tired. Storms predicted for today, hopefully they hold off long enough to get a run in.

It didn't rain much, but I botched the hill run. The plan was to run to the hill, then do 15 minutes of repeats. I ran past it for a warmup, then came back and realized this wasn't the hill I wanted. I spent the next seven or eight minutes trying to remember where it was. In the end I only got about half the time I was planning on. The feeling was familiar from the feeling of the run at Liberty, so I think maybe I need to try to incorporate more hills into my normal running routine.

Also, I tried the run without socks
I felt this one near the end of the run
I might try to ease into running without socks, on a sprint it might save me 20 seconds or more to not put socks on in T1. Due to this blister, I probably won't try it this weekend.

Thu 6/21
I popped that blister last night, it filled with fluid and was HUGE. When I was in the water with our youngest at swimming lessons I could feel it moving around in the water (pre-poppage.)

I decided to put off the bike I missed on Tuesday, I have a ride scheduled for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. So I think I don't need to put an additional 2 hours in today.

It's supposed to be warm on Sunday for the race - starting liquid intake.

Fri 6/22
Did a shorter ride with sprints. I had my heart rate monitor on, it's sort of interesting to watch it go. Suprisingly I was having trouble getting it much higher than zone three. Then again it's just 20 seconds on then as much recovery as  I need. Maybe not as surprising as I thought.

Sat 6/23
Got up early for a 50 mile bike ride, it was pretty hilly, but good scenery and the temperature didn't start rising till I was almost done. Then spent a few hours clearing brush from the yard.

Went to Waconia to pick up the packet for tomorrow, I'm glad I did it. There is more than one road closure getting there, so I was able to figure out an easy route for me and the family to take.

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