Friday, June 8, 2012

SILA : 10

Tips for a less stressful race - Mainly targeted at beginners, I think it's interesting to see what tips people have.

Cool Bikes - Actually the best thing about this article in my opinion is they talk about the costs of the bikes, and then talk about how to lower the cost (ditch Di2 and 80mm Zipps for example)

Tips for racing in the heat - There's a brief writeup about what factors go into why you start to overheat, then there's a bit about what if you're not from a warm climate but racing in one, and then just some tips like "you're sweating more than water, use more than water to replace it."

More tips on racing in hot weather - I linked to page two because the little table I think is pretty interesting. In some reading I've done lately there is an obvious focus on "sure you need to eat, but don't over-do it, that's almost as bad as not eating in a long race"

Avoiding the bonk - This is actually geared toward iron-distance, but I think it applies to half-distance as well. My personal opinion is that anything less than that doesn't really need much planning/thought.

Interview with Chrissy Wellington - Sort of interesting, the whole thing about her coach playing mind-games with her piqued my interested, but not enough to buy the book or even borrow it and read it.

Interviews With Chris Macca - Sound quality isn't the best, but it's sort of interesting to hear what he has to say. I'm a little surprised by how un-humble he sounds, but that's a quality he reveres apparently, so I guess it makes sense to hear it from him.

This has been making the rounds but I think it's cool. A video of the Venus Transit that happened this week and won't happen again for something like 120 years. It looks pretty fake to me, but I'm not sure how you'd expect the dark side of a planet to look against the sun.

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