Saturday, June 30, 2012

Weekly Journal Roundup

This is the last week. I actually find it quite hard to journal. I honestly feel that the daily thoughts I have are basically boring, and if I thought they were more interesting I'd probably write about them in some other form.

Sun 6/24
Did Waconia sprint tri. Came home and hung out for a few hours. My arm hurts when I touch it, that's a little odd. I'm hoping I just slept on it funny. Then the wife and I went out for a date without kids. That was fun. No workouts schedule for tomorrow, my arms and legs are sore, so I'm happy to take the rest.

Mon 6/25
No workouts today, just hung out with the family. This is a break week, so I just have some shorter workouts during the week in prep for next week which will ramp back up. I looked a little closer to the bike leg at Waconia, I basically just slowed down the whole time. Hmm...

Tue 6/26
Got to sleep in again, sort of. The kids started waking up around 5:30, but at least we could just hang out in bed. Did a surprisingly challenging bike workout today, the main goal was to work on a fast cadence. Sets of 5 minute intervals keeping cadence between 95 and 105. Also there was a pretty brisk wind for the first half, and as always that makes it a little more disappointing. Then again on the way back going 26 up a hill makes up for it a little.

Wed 6/27
It was a corker today, hotest day yet. The heat index was apparently over 100. I had an easier 40 minute run. The run felt fine, I did sweat a whole ton though.

Thu 6/28
Day off from training. I am starting to feel pretty rested. I haven't had to get up before 5 in a while now. It's been good. It was sort of hot again today, but that's what AC is for.

Fri 6/29
Went to swimming for the first time in a while. Felt good, most of the workout was just sort of make it pace. There were three hundreds in there, and they were supposed to be fast. I hit those pretty fast, the second one really took the wind out of my sails, for whatever reason I thought it was a 50 for the first 35 yards. So the last one wasn't quite as fast, but still made the interval.

Interval run today, still in the 90's, but the balance of the run is pretty light, just some faster segments to get the legs moving.

Sat 6/30
Last day of notes. I'll be honest, some days I would write more than one day of thoughts at a time (not in the future) it's hard to remember to write stuff down unless I've got something really juicy.

Two hours on the bike today, it's pretty warm out. I was out on a route I didn't know that well, so every once and a while I had to stop and check directions. When I would stop my sunglasses would steam up, also I had to avoid sweating on my phone, it looked like a small rainstorm under my face when looking down ;)

Next month's goal is no sweets. The hardest part about this is just remembering it. I don't often crave sugary snacks, but then again I don't often think to hard about what I'm about to eat so someone will hand me some ice cream and "down the hatch"

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