Sunday, June 10, 2012

Weekly Journal Roundup

Sun 6/3
I meant to get up early and run before church today, but when my alarm went off I was tired, so I just turned it off. The smallest ended up sleeping through church, so we got up as a family.

I am trying to get my hands on some heed drink before the race Saturday. It's the course drink, and I was not planning on brining enough sport drink to make to make it through the bike, if that's the plan I better like what they're serving.

I'm also in search of some wet suit glue, I'm sure GearWest has some, but I'd feel better to have the wetsuit wrapped up before Thursday night. Both of these quests failed today.

I put on my heart monitor for the first time in a bunch of months today. I was pretty sure it was broken, it was reading my resting heart rate at 50. I walked around a little bit and sat back down, and down to 50 it went. That's kind of surprising. I might have to re-work my hear-rate zones.

Mon 6/4
Almost forgot again. Today I skipped out early on the swim practice as my plan indicates that I should be doing shorter but similar or greater intensity workouts. I did a short run workout at work that left me feeling pretty confident, 3x 10 minutes slow to faster than race pace. Much to my surprise I actually did it decently.

I got slower each time, but I was able to accelerate over the interval
I ended the day with a bike ride with the group, I was planning on doing a similar 3x10 minute set like the run and then just settle in for a nice ride with the group. I didn't exactly follow that plan, also I got some killer calf cramps about 15 minutes in that lasted about 20 minutes, but they passed. I also picked up some Heed which is the sport drink that will be offered at the race this Saturday. The verdict, not as good as powerade flavor-wise, but the lemon lime is better than the orange which was pretty much nasty.

Tue 6/5
Almost forgot again today, it's suprising how hard it is for me to remember to write something down every day. Another day of short swim set. Did a very challenging run set, 5x 1minute 7of10 pace with 15 second of rest. 15 seconds is nothing. It was hot enough today that while I was running I could feel water dripping off my hair down my neck. Hopefully this time outside will help with the warmth this Saturday.

I did a similar bike set, it felt good (2 minutes 8of10 with 30 seconds of rest) there was a light breeze, I was able to keep over 20 mph for each of the 2 minutes, 20 mph average (including warm-up/down and :30 second easy spins. I still have no idea how people keep that kind of speed up for 50 or 100 miles. That's what the next month of training is for :)

I am super tired today, I think I didn't get enough sleep Sunday or Monday. I hope to make it up tonight.

Wed 6/6
I did not get to sleep early last night, so I opted for sleep instead of swimming today. So no workouts. I'm stepping up the pre-race hydration this week. I learned from my month of enough drinking that I cannot only drink water or else I'll just burn out, so I've been supplementing with powerade to keep my taste buds interested, plus the extra sodium.

Found some wetsuit glue today, I'll go pick it up tomorrow. Along with my race packet.

Thu 6/7
I went pee maybe six times last night. I guess it's a good thing I'm not just drinking water. I don't feel like I'm drinking a ton, maybe 80oz on Wednesday.

I felt surprisingly tired this morning, mainly since I got to sleep in. I'm not going to worry about it. Regular day at work, then I went to pick up the race packet. What can I say, I like to be prepared.

During packet pickup someone mentioned they will not have ice on the course, here's to hoping they mean no ice except in the water. Because if someone hands me water that is 80 degrees at 11:30 in the morning I'm going to be disappointed. This story is especially funny because she mentioned it when someone asked for advice for keeping cool. She said, if we were going to have ice, which we're not, you could put it under a hat while you run. Super.

The packet wasn't much to look at, mostly ads for Hammer Nutrition and a gel. I'll take the gel, so far I've yet to find one I don't like :)

I did a light run and bike today, they felt fine. I feel like I'm doing well keeping fluids up and getting some good carbs and protein going.

Fri 6/8
Spent the day with the family, no workouts. We went to Valley Fair, I tried to stay on the hydration plan, it sort of worked. We got home, put the kids to bed, and got packed for the race.

This is the first time I've made a list of stuff I need to bring for a triathlon. It gave me some piece of mind.

Sat 6/9
Did the race.
Tried to stay up as long as possible, made it till 9.


Amy said...

You made it up until 9. You are made of tougher stuff than me. I was asleep at I think 7:30 the night of my race.

Jeremy said...

I actually didn't totally devastated after some initial sitting around, I did sleep for 12 hours though. 9 - 9 roughly.