Saturday, June 30, 2012

June Training Notes

This month my totals look like this

Swim26,200 yards7:35 hours
Bike363 miles20:00 hours
Run66 miles10:45 hours

This month flew by, at the start of the month I was in a taper of sorts for Liberty, and now at the end I'm in a low intensity week during my bike focus month. The two races I did, Liberty and Waconia I was a little disappointed in the run. The swim and bike were fine, or good, but the run hasn't been where I want it.

Swimming yards are down for the second month, during the bike training month swimming has come way down. For instance this week I only same once. I'm still feeling good on the swims though, and all weeks aren't as low as this one, so I think it's ok.

Biking is going well, I have missed most of the group rides this month. But I have gotten out and done some longer weekend rides. I'll be interested to see how this month of bike training will end up, I feel like I'm executing well on it, but the more workouts I do the more I swear its geared for either all indoor trainer rides, or rides where you can find hills for hours on end. I'm not much interested in marathon trainer rides on days I could just go outside, and we don't live in the land of 10,000 hills. No matter though, I'm still going to keep at it, so far my bike results are better than last year, so maybe it's paying off.

Like I said, running has been suffering during races. Training runs seem fine. Part of me wants to say that the problem is the heat, but everyone is running in the same heat. The other part of me wants to say I'm getting tired on the bike, that could be. I looked at the bike splits from Waconia and I definitely was slowing down on the bike, so it's possible I was just really tired when it came to the run. The last part of me wants to say I should just stay focused on it and try to keep it going on the run and not make excuses or let up on the bike (just yet.)

This month's goal was to write a daily journal. It wasn't that rewarding, it wasn't terrible either, but I don't know that I'm geared to get much out of something like that.

Next month is no sweets. We're in the mix of summer, and in MN that means roasting marshmallows and eating ice-cream and various fairs and stuff like that. We'll see, the hardest part is that sweets get eaten by the family :)

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