Monday, April 2, 2012

March Training Notes

This month my totals look like this

Swim40,650 yards12:45 hours
Bike121 miles7:45 hours
Run53 miles8 hours

The first week went well, I finished up a hard week and finished up with the beginning of the illness. The second week was mostly taking time off to give my body a chance to deal with aforementioned illness. The third week was a scheduled recovery week, that felt awesome. The fourth week has been almost entirely running. The weather is getting to be nice up here, I've taken the trainer wheel off my bike and am planning on doing all my non-swimming out doors for the rest of the season.

Illness update - I'm still convinced it's allergies. Nobody in my family seems to have gotten sick, and it's just hanging in there. I don't feel worn down or anything, just a mild cough every once and a while to clear my throat.

Swimming is going well, it's dominating the time because it's set and is the easiest to make sure I get in. I've leveled up and that means that usually after a swim workout I am SUPER SLEEPY.

I only did six bike rides this month, and I only skipped on when I wasn't sick. Next week though is primarily bike, so hopefully that will start to balance out. Otherwise I'll have to re-evaluate a little.

Running is going well, I did a set of intervals the other day where I got down in the 4 minute pace during the sprints. Granted it's only 20 seconds, but that is by far the fastest I've ever run. That whole thing was only 30 minutes long. I did a longer interval set the this week where I held sub-8 for the five six-minute intervals over the course of an hour. That also felt fast and made me very tired. But these are big milestones for me.

This month's resolution was to drink the "recommended" amount of water every day. After some reading and chatting with my wife it was determined that I should try to drink about three liters a day, consisting primarily of water. The distinction that basically drinking anything should count as part of the fluid intake was a good one to learn about.

A couple of notes about this - first I was already very close to hitting this number except on the weekends. I, much to my surprise, already drink a  lot during the day at work. Second, having a goal in this area freaked me out, I found myself obsessing over it, I started over drinking. Finally, this naturally brought on the frequent pee effect, where I was constantly looking for the bathroom.  After about two and a half weeks I feel off the wagon due to all three of these factors. It was reassuring to know though that I'm with in a half a liter most days.

Next month's resolution is lunch every day. It's tempting to change it because I've been pretty vigilant about making sure I get enough food in my body to maintain the level of activity and health I'm at, so lunch has already been made the plan. On the other hand, it's hard coming up with twelve goals for the year, so I'll take the easy one.

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Amy said...

aforementioned ... good word.

That is a lot of swimming. Sheesh! Followed by some super speedy running. I can't wait to see what you do in your first race.