Monday, April 30, 2012

April Training Notes

This month my totals look like this

Swim39,400 yards11:50 hours
Bike270 miles15:30 hours
Run69 miles10:20 hours

This month started off pretty bike heavy with some long bike rides in the first two weeks. The third week we had some schedule conflicts and poor weather so that week was pretty light. Last week was pretty decent with a long run and the first ride of the year with the bike group. I finished off the month with a 10k race which was a great way to check where I am.

Swimming is still going well, I've settled into my new spot and there have been small rumblings of moving up a lane, I'd guess that's still a ways off. I have short bursts of speed that make people in my lane want me to lead, but don't always have the endurance to do super awesome one long sets, but I am doing the entire workout these days with a less overwhelming desire to sleep for an hour as soon as it's done.

The bike mileage is way up this month from last which is good. I only did one really long ride instead of two due to the scheduling conflicts we had. I'm not terribly torn up about it, it's sort of boring riding 40 or 50 miles by yourself :)

Running is going well, while there are some sprints built into the workouts lately, not I'm getting into longer runs. One thing I have noticed is that it's difficult for me to really push myself fast on a run that is fairly long. For instance I had an 11 mile run last week which was basically two intervals of 10k pace with a small rest between and it was very hard to push those mentally. I didn't want to self destruct 5 miles from home :)

This month's resolution was to eat lunch every day. I'm doing that, the eating resolutions were good for me to get a feel for how much I'm eating (at least meal wise) and they were pretty easy to hit. I may not make those goals again unless I look down at the scale one day and have lost of ton of weight :)

Next month's goal is to get 7 or more hours of sleep a day. This one is going to be a good one, there are many days I'm under 5. I can definitely feel the difference the next day if I am low on sleep.


Amy said...

sheesh you are putting in some serious mileage. You swam 4 times as much as me and biked twice as much (which seems like a lot since I'm the one biking outside) ... I did run more though :-)

Jeremy said...

All my biking is outside too. The trainer has officially transitioned to storage for the summer.