Friday, April 20, 2012

SILA : 4

NAPALM - I have to admit, with a million different "fueling" options out there I sometimes wonder if it's actually good to be putting all this stuff in your body. Who knows though, maybe it's like high-test gas for a car. If you have a decently conditioned body it's actually better to fuel like that in high intensity workouts. I actually don't mind gels, though I stick to Hammer because I have yet to find one I don't like with Apple Cinnamon being my go-to flavor for the last two years.

Hug a coke machine - get a free coke. I find the banter annoying, but this came up recently in conversation around our house. When I think of coke I think of a company trying to spread a positive message.

Bike hit and run. This one has been making the rounds. I cannot imagine how shaken that guy is, I ran into the side of a car who turned on me and i thought that was bad, at least that guy stopped.


Amy said...

You know what - the folks in my training group use infinit and they swear by it. They use the liquid to replace any gels or bars. They do an interview and customize the formula for you and then off you go. I haven't done it yet but I hear them talk about it all the time. Napalm is a crazy name though.

amjeso said...

I want a "Hug A Coke" machine in our kitchen.