Friday, April 27, 2012

SILA : 5

The Lance effect - Someone's take on Lance Armstrong's effect on triathlon. It seems like some people are upset with the circus, I guess because I'm not a pro I'm not bothered by him causing a sudden frenzy. If all my favorite triathlons suddenly become overrun and no fun that'd suck, but that doesn't seem likely.

Iron Man St. George Fading Away? - I have to admit the only time people talk about this race they are saying how much it isn't awesome. It's not like I follow it or anything, but if all you ever hear is bad either they have terrible public relations, or it's bad.

Duathlon Pacing - Two thoughts on this, I have no idea how much is in my fitness bank - that seems like a detail that was sort of glossed over. And they should give awards for leg winners :)

Endurance Training - The bit on consistency yields results is interesting.

One legged Cyclist - I'm not sure I could go more than a few yards using just one leg

Bike Gear Info - Sort of interesting. A few weeks ago someone asked me what my gear ratio was, and honestly I had no idea. She did suggest though that the reason I had trouble with the hill at Trinona was that the ratio wasn't good for climbing.

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Amy said...

Good heavens is he clipped in on his one foot. That is crazy scary.

The compact crank craze is all the talk at breakfast after the ride down here. I listen - I read the article and I'll freely admit I still don't fully understand. But yes I always want more gears on the hills :-)