Monday, January 2, 2012

December Training Notes

This month my totals look like this

Swim0 yards0 hours
Bike2.62 miles17 minutes
Run42 miles7 hours

My original plan was to make it all the way to January just relaxing and not stressing about how many hours or miles or whatever. That didn't work, so this month I've been doing some running. Also my family has really shown up with support of this aspect of my life. The list of Christmas booty only keeps me smiling and removes any excuses not to get going :)

  • Stuff for the bike trainer
  • iPod for all the inside workout hours this winter
  • Bike cleaning stuff
  • TWO books about ironman training
  • transition bag
  • running foot pod
  • Bike training video
  • various race nutrition supplements

None - I did drop an email to my master's team coach to let him know I plan on getting started here in January. That will be a sort of rough transition, I'm not sure he'll let me ease into it. Last year he moved me up through the ranks way faster than I was anticipating. It seemed like every time I started feeling good with the sets he'd graduate me to the next lane. It's nothing I can't handle, so I'm happy to have him pushing me.

Hey, a couple of minutes on the trainer! I need to get my butt ready for the season, I think my first week of structure has me in the saddle for a couple of hours, and not split up that much. Sore tushy on the way I think...

The running is coming along, I'm not trying to push myself too much, just get out there and build some sort of base so when the feet need to hit the road I'm not dead after 7 minutes of intervals.

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