Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Race schedule

Here are the races I'm hoping to do this year. I have not committed to any of them, but this is the list.

5/5 Chain of Lakes (Sprint)
5/11 Lakes Area Endurance (5k)
5/19 Fargo ½ Marathon (13.1)
6/3 Tri Buffalo (Sprint)
6/9 Liberty (70.3)
6/16 Lake Minnetonka (Sprint)
6/24 Lake Waconia (Sprint)
6/30 MinneMan (Olympic)
7/14 LifeTime (Sprint)
7/22 Chisago (70.3)
7/29 Waseca (Sprint)
Lakefront Days (Sprint)
Green Lake (Olympic)
8/19 Lake Marion (Sprint)
8/30 Maple Grove (Olympic)
Watertown (Sprint)
10/7 Twin Cities Marathon (26.2)

It's got it's own page - you know, so it's easy to find :)


Amy said...

That is a lot of racing. "a lot" :-)

Jeremy said...

Yeah, I'm flying a little blind. The first 70.3 is already in question due to Sam's high school graduation. So I'm expecting some races will disappear.