Monday, January 7, 2013

Soft in the mid section

Let's see here, I did a race at the end of October and then... dun dun duuuun... nothing for a whole month. In December I've been doing some weight training and very light running.

I put on some pants I got this summer, and much to my surprise they were a little snug. Actually this is probably a fluke, because I'm only about 5lbs heavier than I was in the summer, but still a small wake-up call.

I figure I'm not too far off of where I was last year. By this time last year I had been running pretty steadily for a month. And I started swimming and biking a little at the start of January, building up to the start of well planned out workout plans in the last week of January. My goal then was to hit my peak in early June for my first 70.3.

This year, if I remember to sign up, I'm going to focus on USAT nationals as my primary race, which isn't till August. But I'm going to start getting after the training early. The difference I guess is that I won't try to training for any specific race till about mid summer.

I do feel a little off my game, I have no come up with a training plan yet, but I have a couple of weeks to get after it.

So the plan for the next couple of weeks, add some biking, move the runs to the afternoon at work (for all my work buds out there, expect the email invite this week,) and add some swimming.

The goal for this month, come up with a 12 week build plan to start no later than the 28th. If December has shown me only one thing, it's that if the workout isn't written down, it's A LOT easier to skip.

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Amy said...

Maybe its the 10,000 chocolate chip cookies that I hear are in your kitchen? :-)