Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Race schedule and Goals

So I've come up with my tentative 2013 race schedule, and updated my goals section for a new year.


For the races, there are two new ones on there. and the rest I have done. Sometimes when I read other people's blogs or talk to them they say things like "I really want to try race-x" or "I'm trying to branch out from my regular races" and I guess I'm having fun doing the same races over. For me it's a chance for a year over year comparison.

There are some notable things missing
  • No running races, if you glanced through my goals there are two specific running goals. I will probably try to squeeze in a couple of spring running races and maybe some fall ones to get an attempt at them. But compared to triathlons, finding a 5 or 10k is pretty stinking easy and cheap.
  • No Rev3 race, originally we had planned on doing the Dells race, but it's on the same weekend as the Nationals race, if we don't do the nationals race for whatever reason we will be signing up for Rev3, it was a lot of fun, and my wife is fairly bummed that we'll be in Milwaukee instead of the Dells. Probably we could have tried to find another one, but after the Dells the closest race is 700 miles away, and that would mean a third vacation for the year. What we need is a destination Duluth or something, because I'd gladly add a Rev3 race the family loved it!


I guess I feel like they are pretty self explanitory. I feel pretty fortunate that so far I've had year after year significant gains, and I don't feel like I'm trying to squeeze water from a rock to get them.

The running goals are sort of milestone goals. I think I can do it, and I want to go out there and see. There are more runners than triathletes around, so when people find out I do 5k and 10ks at the end of triathlons we compare times. Because of that I like to try to stay on top of what my stand-alone race times are.

The biking goal is a motivational goal. I want to try to add a little bit of pressure to myself to get out there and do them. I knew about them last year and just skipped it.

The swimming goal is me trying to recognize and address a deficiency in my training. It's easy to put swimming on cruise control when I am consistently in at the front of the pack, but I know that if I can stick to it, it will do me well at the end of the season.

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Amy said...

Well I think that for Valentine's day you should get the wifey (name left out for the sake of privacy on these here fancy public internets but you know who you are) a set of Laverne and Shirley DVDs. Didn't that happen in Milwaukee? The Dells does look great though. It really does.

I definitely am more of a try new races kind of person unless I love-love-love a race. I loved Nautica last year so I signed up again. I wish Trinona wasn't such a production for me to get to because that was terrific.