Monday, January 28, 2013

Back at it

Today is day 1 of structured training for 2013, and I didn't even mess up the first workout by sleeping through it :) Also, I didn't stand on the pool deck through the entire warm-up! Though I did notice the coach did, I don't know if he saw me noticing... but I noticed... some day Scott, some day... comeuppance!

Every once and a while I read people's posts about what their favorite gear is, and it seems like I get gear every year. But I wouldn't say I have favorites.

Disclaimer - I have a bunch of gear, if you follow me much you know I try to race traithlons, not simply finish them. I think if you want to just do a triathlon, all the gear you need is
  • Swimming suit
  • Goggles
  • Bike
  • Shorts
  • Shirt
  • Shoes



  • Square leg speedos, I'm slightly modest and like the baggy look. I go through about two suits a year
  • Goggles - I'm sporting a red pair my daughter got me for Christmas, last year I got mine at Target. I go through about a pair a year.
  • Fins - because I want to get faster
  • Paddles - also because I want to get faster


  • Wet-suit. I Minnesota almost every race is wetsuit legal, and early races would be pretty chilly without one. I use this one (Xterra Vector-Full), I like it.
  • Tri-suit. I read this from David Thompson, so I got this (Blue Seventy Endurance Full.) It's not the same, but I agree, it's quite comfortable. They don't make that exact model anymore, we'll see when I need a new one what I go with.
  • Goggles - Same ones I use to train



  • Bike - I'm rocking a 2003 Giant TCR2, it's a nice bike, it's treated me well. Standard gear ratio, standard wheels, I added aero bars. Originally this year's plan had a new bike in it, plans changed. Maybe next year :)
  • Clipless pedals - I had these   (Shimano SPD) for the first 7 years, and they were used when I got them. Then I traded those for these (Speedplay Zero). To say these pedals are better is sort of like saying fresh milk is better than rotten milk. If it hadn't been better something would be wrong. But, I do like these pedals.
  • Shoes - I had a pair of cycling shoes I bought with the bike, they were too small, and I knew that like the third day I had them. So after 7 years I retired them and got some similar to these (Shimano tri Specific.) They might actually be too big. But I do like these shoes.
  • Bike shorts, let's be honest, I spend a ton of time in the saddle, and I need some cushion. The last two years I had one pair, then I wrecked them. Now I have two new pairs.
  • Bike shirts, I like to carry food on rides even if I never use it. Some day I will, and I'll be happy to have had those pockets, plus no odd tan across my lower back.
  • Tri shorts, for summer bricks. They look sort of like bike shorts, no padding, but I literally can't even get on my bike with baggy shorts on anymore.
  • Three water bottle cages. My sister got me this one (XLAB Torpedo) last year, it's my favorite feature of my bike. Great place to put a water bottle. The other two I use because in the summer I sweat like I have a leak and would otherwise perish.
  • Gear bag - put it under my seat. It's got supplies to change a flat, tube, tiny crow bars, allen wrenches, CO2 and usually my phone.
  • Helmet - Nothing special, one that fits. I need a new one this year. 
  • Trainer - last year we didn't have a gym membership. This year we do, but I'll still probably do long winter rides on the trainer in order to avoid taking up a bike for three hours. I have this one (JetFluid Pro by CycleOps) it's good.
  • Sun glasses - keeps rocks and wind out of my eyes


  • I just wear the tri-suit
  • Tiny socks, because I have always been afraid of blisters and can't bring myself to race without them
  • Tri-clips. Easy way to not have to run in my shoes, which at times can be quite precarious, I'm sure I look like an octopus on ice with shoes on. I like them, I wish they could be permanent.
  • For short races I take two of the water bottles off, and the gear bag.
  • For longer (Half Iron) races I leave the water bottles and the gear bag on and add a bento box. My tri suit has space for one Hammer gel, folded.
  • Sun glasses



  • Shoes, I don't need much correction in my shoe, so I just get whatever shoe is in a decent price range. Last year I had these (New Balance MR890), loved them. I needed a new set near the end, got these (K-Swiss Blade Light Run), they're ok, I think they look kinda dumb. I had some Mizunos two years ago, I will not get them again.
  • Speed laces, seems like a neccesity for fast transitions
  • Socks, I wear little socks to cut down on dumb tan lines (of which I have plenty,) also the little socks seem to reduce blisters. But not as much as cutting toe nails
  • On cool days I just wear cotton shirts
  • On warm days I wear singlets
  • For any run longer than about 7 miles I wear these (NipGuard), they are a must, otherwise much distress under my shirt and I look pretty silly running holding my shirt out in front of me.
  • Running shorts, because I feel pretty silly running in basketball shorts. On days when I do bricks I do put these on over my tri shorts. See the a fore mentioned modesty.
  • For runs over an hour I use this (Amphipod hydration belt,) due to previously mentioned sweat issues, on a hot long run I will drink near 20oz of water/Gatorade an hour


  • Same shoes I train in, I only use those shoes for training and racing.
  • Same socks I bike in
  • Tri-suit, sort of surprising is that even for long runs I do not have problems with chafing with the suit. Which is a good thing because those little guards would look PRETTY silly under that suit.
  • Sun glasses from the bike
  • Number belt, I think I bought one for $2 at some race a couple of years ago and since then have acquired two free ones. They are great, highly recommended.
  • Visor! Keeps the sun out of my eyes without making me feel like my head is on fire.I got one free at a race a couple of years ago, I wear it at every race now.


  • Garmin 310xt. Originally I had a 905, but it's not awesome for multisport racing. Actually, originally I used my phone to track workouts, but I was super paranoid about getting stuck in the rain with it. Good tool for tracking workouts.
  • Hammer Gels - Gels might be 100% mental, I have no idea. I do not feel the burst of energy people say they feel, but I do really, really, like the way the Hammer gels taste. The chocolate is like pudding. The apple cinimon is like apple pie filling. Recommended.
  • Road-ID - My wife got it for me, I wear it. Last year when I got in a bike wreck, even though everyone there knew me, and I had a cell phone with me, they all still said they were glad to see it. Wear it, it may one day come in handy.

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Amy said...

there are some parts of this gear write up that made me chuckle because I know the back story. Mizuno - not again, much distress under the shirt, the whole modesty section.

It would be too embarrassing to list all my gear. It's like I support a whole tri store economy.