Thursday, August 15, 2013

TNT Year in Review

This year I wanted to do some time trials, it's in the goal list. I did it every time it was offered but once, and I chickened out that time due to the weather. Here's the year-end recap. All of these races are through a local spoke of the IC3 group. Overall I think it was fun, check them out:

May 7 (First Time Trial)

34:14.62 (19.27 mph)
Age Group21/22
Aero Bikes51/52

May 21

Cold and rainy, and I didn't know that ahead of time, so I was one of like three people who didn't have appropriate clothing

31:27.51 (20.98 mph)
Age Group16/17
Aero Bikes32/35
This picture looks downright pleasant - that's not the best description for it

Jun 18

30:06.57 (21.92 mph)
Age Group20/20
Aero Bikes49/52

July 2

This is the first time I had a handicap, they handicap racers to give them more of a good feeling compared the speed demons that come and place near the top consistently.

29:28.82 (22.39 mph)
Age Group16/194
Aero Bikes43/504

July 16

30:16.48 (21.8 mph)
Age Group15/209
Aero Bikes38/4617

Sitting at the start line

July 30

29:42.25 (22.22 mph)
Age Group19/229
Aero Bikes46/5016
Another start line shot - hopefully I've already started, cause otherwise I look way too intense

Aug 13

29:31.27 (22.36 mph)
Age Group18/214
Aero Bikes51/576
You can tell it's late into the season. The sun is very low on the horizon


I'm glad I did it. I causes me to have a few thoughts
  • Cyclists are fast. I mean I know triathletes are fast on the bike, and many of these people are triathletes, but many are cyclists and are quite fast. I am, often, at the bottom of this group. I am not at the bottom of a local triathlon on the bike (run - different story.)
  • 30 minutes is a short race. I'm only six minutes back from the front, and end up in the last 25% of the group. When I go to a tri where I race for just over an hour, 6 minutes back can still be top 10 overall.
  • There's tons of room to grow here, six minutes back in an 11 mile race is 5 miles per hour. If I could get a two mile per hour gain I'd only be mid-pack here, but a much bigger contender at triathlons.

Doing the same course over gives me two thoughts
  • First, you can do a sort of apples to apples comparison. I know on the first day I went a certain speed, and then on the last day I did the exact same race and finished 5 minutes faster. That's a fun thing to see.
  • Second, it's possible that some of that is just knowing the course better.
At least I got faster

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