Thursday, August 22, 2013

Race Preview - Maple Grove Sprint Triathlon

I did this race last year, and I won my age group so I wanted to go back and try again.

Race Info
The swim is triangle with right turns. A new feature this year is a time-trial start by twos. That makes it official, I will not do any races this year that aren't time trial start. They are billing the race distance as .3 miles, though last year I remember thinking it was short.

The bike is a little over 14 miles, it's mainly flat.I took a quick look at the weather forecast for Saturday. It's calling for 12-18 mph winds. We'll see though, usually early in the morning the wind isn't bad. If it is though, the forecast says it will be at my back for the longest stretch, that will be nice.

The run is through neighborhoods around the lake. I've been pretty flip-floppy on how hilly the course is. There's a hill at the start and a couple of hills at the end. Going into the race last year I thought it wasn't hilly. Coming out I thought it was hillier than I remembered. Considering my run performance has been dreadful this year, I'm hoping it's closer to flat than hilly :)

My goal for this race will be to set a goal that I think is fast, and actually obtain it. I *think* I have missed every goal this year.

My goals for december looked like this
Swim7:001:20 per 100 yards
Bike39:4521.5 miles/hour
Run24:008:00 mins/mile

Last year that was good enough to win my age group, two years ago it was good enough for top 3.

Closing Comments
I'm looking forward to this race, it's the last race of the year. I'm feeling pretty good, all I need to do now is execute.

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