Saturday, November 3, 2012

Tri Season Notes

This year I did eight races. Here's how they lined up.

Chain Of Lakes (Sprint)
Liberty (70.3)
Lake Waconia (Sprint)
Minneapolis (Sprint)
Chisago (70.3)
Lakefront Days (Sprint)
Maple Grove (Sprint)
Rev3 Florida (70.3)


Last Year for Comparison
Spring Training (Sprint)6:581:3531:4418.528:219:27
Egg Hunt (Sprint)9:052:0434:1417.529.489:35
Trinona (Olympic)23:111:251:27:3217.857.469:17
Lake Front Days (Sprint)6:411:3140:5819.828:068:30
Maple Grove (Olympic)25:591:351:22:3319.253:038:32

What I see

  • Chain of lakes is blazingly fast. It was a pool swim, I now know that I can sustain a much faster pace in a pool than in open water. 1:16 was still fast for me at that point of the year. At that point of the year my swim conditioning was at it's peak (sadly.)
  • The rest of the swims were pretty consistent, and most of the time I was feeling good getting out the water.


  • Rev3 is low due to the tire change. Oh well
  • Other than that speed is up overall for the year.
  • Those averages are still low compared to many other people.


  • I had some very fast (for me) runs this year.
  • The first two halves are pretty slow (comparatively) but the last one was better. It could be that I'm getting close to having this distance a little better dialed in so that perhaps I can go for my goal next year.
  • Hard to tell what happened at Waconia, I think I let that race get in my head. I might do it again this coming year just so I can see if I can do better.
  • I hit a good level of conditioning in swimming pretty early in the season, but then I started letting it slip.
  • I dropped a ton of speed in my running over the start of the year.
  • I also added some significant speed over last year on the bike. 

Next Year
So the goals for next season line up like this
  • Start the season in as good or better shape than where I finished.
  • Add another 1 or 2 mph on the bike. If I can get average speed up over 22 mph consistently that will help a lot
  • Bring the run pace down. I'd like to be under 8 minutes consistently, around 7 for shorter races.
  • Have a better plan for the swim training, times didn't suffer that much, but confidence did
This season is over for me. I am taking a shorter break than last year, but I will ease into it a little. I probably won't get totally structured till the start of the year.

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