Friday, November 23, 2012

DNS or False Start

So let's see, my last race was at the end of October (Rev3 Florida) and since then I've been on break. No running, no biking, no swimming, no nothing really. Plenty of sleeping in past 5 and time with family.

This is what my break has looked like workout wise

So the plan was to get started this past Monday. It's about six months till my first likely race, and goals being what they are the plan is to start the season in great shape.

I woke up around 3:00 to the sound of my youngest doing her impression of a screamapillar (surprisingly the only screamapillar video I could find.) I ended up staying up after that. I had planned on going swimming, but had a killer sore throat.

Went to work, did the work thing, came home. I wasn't feeling all that great so I went to sleep at about 6.

Woke up feeling a little better but then my wife said she was sick. So I called in sick, and I "took care of the kids" for a while (meaning I got them breakfast and passed out on the couch.) I spent the rest of the day in bed. Apparently my wife recovered sometime while I was still on the couch.

Having slept the last 20 or so hours we decided that showing up at work and risking the spread of my plague wouldn't be polite, so I stayed home again (went back to sleep after the email to work.) Then sort of milled around the house with the family.

Thanksgiving. We did that.

Set up the christmas tree, took some of the behind the counter cold medicine and just hung around around the house. And that's where we are.

So last year I took off from the end of August to about the middle of November. And then I just did some light running till January when I really started to kick it into gear. That plan was shooting for a June 9th peak. So basically I took off three months.

This year I was all set to go on three weeks of off time. Sure, sure, if you look back through the various race reports I say that I was basically on auto-pilot and not doing that good on following through on workouts toward the end of the season (again this year.) So I've convinced myself that perhaps I jumped the gun. First of all, six months from November 19th is May 19th. And while my first race hasn't been settled on, I might do the Chain of Lakes traithlon again which is a sprint. Six months to built to a sprint... well that might be a little silly for little old me.

So the new tentative start date is the first week in January for official "with a plan" workouts and probably sooner for unofficial "just do stuff" outings.

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