Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October Training Notes

This month my totals look like this

Swim22,000 yards7:20 hours
Bike271 miles15:30 hours
Run61.25 miles9:45 hours

Everything is up this month, I was scrambling to get ready for the Rev3 race. I'm going to take a couple of weeks totally off. And then I'll start building again for next season :)

Swim12,750 yards3:50 hours
Bike145 miles8 hours
Run30 miles4:45 hours

This month's resolution was no pop. I did pretty well at it. I did finally break down and have some pop on the way home from Florida. It was just too much concentrated non-pop too close together. I couldn't take it anymore. So two pops during that 30 hours of driving. Not too shabby.

November is a month of thanks. I'll probably tweet them.

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