Friday, October 26, 2012

Race Preview - Rev3 Florida 70.3

I signed up for this race because my sister did, and her birthday is this weekend and so is my niece's. So the family and I made a vacation of it. We've been here for a bunch of days already, we've had a relaxing and fun time. Immediately following this race, like I'll probably jump in the shower and then the car, we are heading back to MN. We'll see how smart that logic is :)

Race Info
The swim course looks kinda like a foot in the water. It looks like we swim straight out, turn left, head out further, turn right for the long leg parallel to shore, then do the reverse on the way back in. We enter on one side of a pier, and exit on the other. The swim is in the gulf of mexico on the west coast of Florida, it may be very windy on Sunday, but the gulf is usually pretty calm, so even with some stiff winds the water will probably be alright. The current water temperature is 78, which is borderline wetsuit weather. The other key is that the longest leg of the swim I'll be looking into the sun. I'm happy I have some tinted goggles.

Edit: So I wrote the bit about the water before we went to the race site to check it out. Here's a quick video of what the water looked like this afternoon.

The bike course is 56 miles in one loop. It starts out 15 miles south, then 10 miles east and then meanders back in 2-5 mile stretches back to the start. It finishes with what looks to be about 2 miles south again to transition. The weather forecast is for windy conditions, likely from the north, so the first 25 miles or so probably won't be bad, then it will be nice to have a less direct route back.

The run is two loops along some body of water. For the a bit it's on the gulf, and then what I'd guess is a canal. I'm thinking the two loops will be nice, because that means that I'll get some support from family half way through the run which is usually where I start to wonder if I'm going to make it :)

I'm honestly not sure what to make of my current fitness. I had a very strong short tempo run yesterday, a great swim the day before. I am hoping to get out and do a quick tempo ride today or tomorrow. I'm feeling good. So, assuming the wind isn't horrible (currently we're seeing 20-25 mph with gusts over 35) I'm going to try for a PR.

Swim33:301:35 per 100 yards
Bike2:5219.5 miles/hour
Run1:579 mins/mile

Closing Comments
I'm ready, besides my time-based goal, I'm determined to have a good time. I may have to play around a little to figure out how to lift my spirits if they go down, but the goal will be to stay positive.

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Eric Dronen said...

Hope you have a great race!!