Sunday, September 30, 2012

September Training Notes

This month my totals look like this

Swim12,750 yards3:50 hours
Bike145 miles8 hours
Run30 miles4:45 hours

Everything is down, this is not a surprise given the asphalt induced 3 week break.I didn't do any workout at all for 18 days, so those numbers reflect only 10 days. This month actually started out really strong, a quick look at August's numbers and you can see that I was on track to almost double those numbers this month.

Swim19,200 yards5:45 hours
Bike276 miles14:30 hours
Run34 miles5 hours

Accident Update
Instead of doing the standard 'how's the swim/bike/run going' update I'll just touch on the last three workouts which came in the last two days.

Saturday AM - Went for a short 3 miler, just to take it easy. For about two straight weeks I walked with a limp due to pain in my right knee. I waited till I had several days of pain free walking before trying to run. That knee felt fine, the other knee not so hot. I took it easy, overall pace 10:30 - quite a bit off par.

Saturday PM - Went for an easy bike, a quite ride I know very well. I had a couple of goals, first to make sure the bike was in decent shape. It's alright, it's possible the rear derailleur is a little out of whack, it sounds louder than I remember. Some other things needed small adjustment, not serious. The bike rides fine. My body felt fine, my mind was a little less "in the game" when I started. I noticed myself taking it easy over bumps and around corners, worrying a little more about cars driving past or coming up at an intersection. That faded after a while. Overall the ride went well, similar pace to other "easy" rides before the break. That's good.

Sunday AM - Went for another easy run, did the same route as Saturday except backwards. Both knees felt fine, overall pace 8:50 - more in line with my easy runs, not quite back to where I want to be, but I'll take it. I meant to try to get in an afternoon bike, but just ran out of daylight.

I'm going to give my elbow a few more days to heal before heading back to the pool, it's still secreting a small amount of stuff ever day, and bleeds easily if bumped. It looks like it's healing quite quickly though. I'm hoping to be back in the pool on Thursday as I'm expecting it will develop a normal scab here in a couple of days. We'll see, nobody wants Jeremy "bloody trail" in the water with them.

This month's resolution was to not eat out. My wife committed to helping meet this goal (and that was optional, but likely very helpful.) We/I did very well. I slipped up twice that I can remember. Once I went to happy our that happened to be over dinner. And today we scheduled a full day of activities and I figured, 28.67 days is pretty stinking good.

Next month is no pop, yikes I may have not been thinking clearly on this one. If I could write a poem about Mt. Dew or Monster I would. It's already reserved for occasionally. Oh well, I suppose if these were all easy that would defeat the purpose.

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