Monday, September 17, 2012

Injury Update

It's been a full week. At this point last week I was on the ride that would eventually lead me to the hospital. Here's how the week has unfolded.

Spent all day in bed taking pain medicine, not really moving around much. I figured I might head back to work on Wednesday, the pain was pretty tolerable. Took a shower later in the day (no soap, just in the water long enough to get the bandages off - this pain wasn't tolerable.) Redressed the wounds since they were a little weepy. My wife washed my hair in the kitchen sink. Still planning on heading to work.

Woke up after 12 hours of no medication, OUCH. Did not got in to work, slept most of the day again.

Went to work. Many people told me to take it easy, perhaps go back home. Made it through the day with two pills spaced carefully around driving the car. Came home and passed out on the couch.

Headed over and met the bike group after their ride. Mainly just to say I'm ok, but it was also good to see them and talk a little about what happened. The guy who was in front of me Monday confirmed he hit the breaks pretty hard and that there was a little contact between our bikes, he said something about someone in front of him, but I didn't quite follow the story.

Woke up and took the bandages off in the shower replaced them with Tagaderm, the weeping seems to be done. My wife passed out once, perhaps as many as three times helping with that. Again the shower to remove the bandages was not tolerable. Came home, went to sleep again.

Ended up sleeping 13 hours overnight, mostly not taking any pain medication anymore, maybe one a day. My arm and leg are still very sore and stiff. Got the stitches out, the doc says its looking fine. Get the stitches out didn't tickle, came home and took some medicine to stop the throbbing.

Slept in a little, a normal night of sleeping. Took first real shower with soap and shampoo. Tagaderm protected me. It felt great to be clean again. Most of the rash pain is gone, now it's muscle soreness. I can use my right arm again. In order of worst to least pain (knee, thumb, shoulder.)

I took the bike out of the garage and looked at it. It doesn't appear to have any significant damage. The rear derailer has a large scrape, and the aerobar on the same side has a scrape on it. I checked to see if my SILs helmut will fit me. I am currently planning on doing Rev 3 at the end of October even if a PR is not within reach.

Another shower, took the band-aid off my old stitches site, it looks pretty minor up there now. All day in training at work. My arm is starting to itch under the Tagederm, but at least it's not pain. My leg gets pretty stiff during marathon sitting sessions. By the end of the day my leg basically doesn't bend, I might have to get a better chair tomorrow, or spend some time standing to keep it loose. The shoulder is feeling much better, the thumb doesn't throb, the head wound band-aid is off, and now the leg is the primary source of discomfort.

I've told the story a bunch over the last week. People are generous with their concern, I appreciate it.

For some reason I had thought I might be in a little better shape by today, maybe able to jog or take the bike out for a light (around the block) ride. Not today, probably not in the next few days. Do not worry, I won't push it, I had just sort of figured things would be on a little faster path. All in all, I'm on the mend, things are slowly moving back to normal.


Amy said...

I am glad that you are on the mend although it still sounds plenty ouchy to me. And I won't lie - I'll be happy if you feel good enough to do the Rev with me :-)

Lonnie Letellier said...

I’m sorry for the accident that led you to suffer these injuries, Jeremy. I can only imagine how hard it is to give up your active lifestyle in order to heal from the pain. Did you consider getting chiropractic therapy to help with your holistic healing? How are you now? :)

Lonnie Letellier @ US HealthWorks