Friday, July 12, 2013

Race Preview: Minneapolis Tri

I signed up for this race again this year because I still like the idea of big races. I feel like all the people give me a lot of energy. Also I had a pretty good race last year.

Race Info

The race is in south Minneapolis which is a fairly short drive from home. It's part of a national series and draws some well known names in the world of triathlon. They all race the longer race, but it's still neat to see some of these people milling around before the race and running around during.

The swim is a triangle in a lake - at Waconia the water temp was 75 so I seriously doubt the water will be below 78, I'll take my wetsuit just in-case, but I'm not planning on wearing it. This race has a time-trial start like Waconia. Based on start times I'm starting  after a 10 minute gap after the friends and family wave, so there's some chance I might actually find some clear water.

The bike is a 15 mile loop (that's practically an out and back with a river in the middle.) Last year I had a great split on this, the course is pretty fast. The only other thing I remember is that the course had some serious potholes on it, so I'm hoping those have been addressed, and it makes me a little cautious. But I'm having some great stuff on the bike lately, so I'm expecting a faster split this year.

The run is a loop around the lake we swam in, 3 miles. I remember the course being flat, and while it was hot, and will likely be hot again, I'm hoping to be able to put in a solid run.


Overall I'm hoping to just have a good race.

Swim6:001:22 per 100 yards
Bike42:0020.5 miles/hour
Run24:008:00 mins/mile

Last year 1:15:45 got me 21st overall, and 5th in my age group. Honestly, I was a full minute behind the next guy in my AG and two minutes behind the guy in front of him. If I can drop around a minute I might move up in the AG, or I might just move up in overall standings.

1:22 is kinda aggressive. With no wetsuit it will be a push for sure. I mean in a pool I can do this pretty much no problem. We'll see.

20.5 should be doable, I am almost to the point of being able to do this during a workout; this may be a little soft, we'll see.

8:00 - I think this is ok, my head isn't into the game on the run. My goal for the run will be to remember to push, not just settle in. I think I am letting myself get out of the race on the run.

I put down three minutes for transition. That's about what I needed last year.

Closing Comments

Last year I placed well in this race, so I might have some unrealistic expectations in that arena, but overall I'm going to try to stay focused on a race PR and have a good time.

There's chance of thunderstorms and heat in the forecast, so I'm hoping that holds off. Though not finishing till 10:30 might mean the heat will be out in full force. To that end I'm trying to hydrate a little more today. I *think* that might be the best way to ward off the heat, we'll see.

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