Thursday, July 11, 2013

June Training Notes

This month my totals looked like

Swim23,600 yards7:10 hours
Bike292 miles16:20 hours
Run50 miles7:30 hours

Last Month

Swim24,000 yards6:50 hours
Bike207 miles12:11 hours
Run59.86 miles8:46 hours

June 2012

Swim26,200 yards7:35 hours
Bike363 miles20:00 hours
Run66 miles10:45 hours

This month saw the first triathlon of the year, and I was super excited about that. Also I figured out an easy way to bike to work, so that was a fun way to get some more time on the bike. Overall I feel like this month was a good month for training and feeling relatively fresh and excited about racing.

I'm down to swimming about twice a week. Though I think that's fine, my swim fitness seems pretty decent. Also there are now Saturday workouts available for the group I swim with, and that makes getting in that second day a little easier.

A lot of these miles are to work and back, but I have been making good strides on the bike this year.

Up until this past week I had been feeling down on the run, but I got in some decent runs and now I think I was just in a sort of funk. Overall though running has been going fine.

Coming up
July has two triathlons and then the first weekend in August, I'm looking forward to more racing. I *think* I'm about done signing up for triathlons this year, which is a little bitter sweet, the summer seems so short :)

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