Saturday, June 29, 2013

Race Preview: Lake Waconia Triathlon

I did this race last year, it was pretty good, plus I know a couple of guys racing it, and I enjoy that. So I signed up again. Also, I missed my goal from last year, and I get a kick out of shooting for my goals, so I'm gunning for a better run this time :)

Race Info

The swim is a square in a lake - I heard the water temp is 77; I'll take the wetsuit, and I'll wear it if they allow. Last year I was excited by the time-trial start, and then was less than excited by the experience of it. But now with adjusted expectations I'm more thinking about how to best use all the draft to my advantage.

The bike is a 20 mile loop; last year I thought it was pretty rolly. Then I went out and had a pretty fast time, and I rode it recently and I think it's less rolly than I remembered. Now I'd say it's mostly flat till the last five miles, and then there are some rollers.

The run is an out and back, along the same route as the bike. Last year this felt like the longest four miles in any race I'd done. If I remember right it's basically a big hill that crests in the middle. This is the focus of the race, this is where I hope to redeem myself.


These goals are roughly what I set last year, since I didn't hit them last year, it seems reasonable.

Goal Pace
Swim 12:00 1:22 per 100 yards
Bike 58:30 20.5 miles/hour
Run 31 7:45 mins/mile
Total 1:45

1:45 was enough for top 10 in my AG last year, of course I missed that and ended up 15th.

1:22 seems realistic to do, I've been feeling good in the pool.

20.5 seems doable, I've been feeling pretty good on the bike.

7:45 should be doable, I actually backed down from a 7:30 estimate because I just don't feel like I've got good running legs these days. So this is really the first real test of the legs since the last 5k I did.

Closing Comments

Ahh - first tri of the season. Super excited!

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