Monday, June 3, 2013

May Training Notes

This month my totals looked like

Swim24,000 yards6:50 hours
Bike207 miles12:11 hours
Run59.86 miles8:46 hours

Last Month

Swim38,000 yards10:50 hours
Bike149.38 miles10:15 hours
Run35.48 miles5:35 hours

May 2012

Swim24,900 yards6:10 hours
Bike339 miles19:38 hours
Run77 miles11:15 hours

At the start of the month my mind was starting to wander, by this time last year I had already done two races and had two new PRs, I did a 5k this month and set a new PR, but didn't quite hit my goal time.

The second week was a transition week. I had been doing a set of workouts that I started out excited about but then didn't really like. It was basically the exact same thing each week which wears on me. So I took some time to rest, and then started in a new set, it's got a different focus, so my energy is renewed.

Due to a reduced amount of good outside weather my swimming has been spotty. If the weather is decent for the day I'd rather spend that time on the bike. I'm actually hoping to break that habit starting today.

My last training focus was on bike. Overall I wasn't super happy with the workouts; I felt like I was putting in some good effort, but the results weren't there. Having said that I just knocked out a good ride on Sunday, so maybe it worked more than I thought. That was probably the best consistent effort outside of a race I've ever had.

Run is the new focus, I'm going to make a short push and see if I can eek some more speed out of the old legs leading into my first race at the end of the month. Overall the runs feel good.

Coming up
This month I'm tentative on a couple of bike time trials, and a 5k. I'm confirmed for my first tri for the year.

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