Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Time to find a 5k

I was just looking at Strava and saw this

So that's just what Strava has, I've only got data on there from a couple of weeks. If you're an avid follower (why wouldn't you be?) you might have noticed that my recorded fastest 5k race time is 24:05.

My excitement doesn't stop there. Let's take a quick peek at that 5k from 3 days ago: Here was the workout plan for that day:
5 min z1

   1 mile z4
   2 min z1

25 min z2
So the plan wasn't to break any PRs

Here's my execution of that plan:

TimeDistanceAverage Pace

Ok, are you with me here? That 5k that Strava has as only 15 seconds slower than my PR has a warm up and four minutes of walking in it.

I've said it before, I like to race, and with no only one race since October, it's been hard to motivate myself lately. Time to find a 5k, plus it's a goal for the year.

* Note: If you're paying attention to my lack of consistency during those miles at zone 4, due to my inability to figure out my heart rate zones, I did them by feel. The, predictable, problem with that is that I wasn't quite keeping it in the right zone, so speed was down, but so was effort. Third mile especially.

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