Monday, May 6, 2013

April Training Notes

This month my totals looked like

Swim38,000 yards10:50 hours
Bike149.38 miles10:15 hours
Run35.48 miles5:35 hours

Last Month

Swim34,400 yards9:50 hours
Bike155.25 miles10:30 hours
Run48.5 miles7:25 hours
1:20 hours

April 2012

Swim39,400 yards11:50 hours
Bike270 miles15:30 hours
Run69 miles10:20 hours

Things seem to be going well, it's been a cool spring so far and I think I'm about at my breaking point for indoor workouts. Compared to last year these numbers look tiny, but last year I was training for 70.3 races, not sprints. This year is mostly about speed, and less about endurance, so I'm doing higher intensity, and lower volume.

I'm having a good time swimming. This year my lane is full of people who are much faster than me, so it's an interesting degree of challenge, because even when the intervals aren't that challenging my lane mates seem to be going much faster than me ... and I like to keep up, so I try.

All trainer rides but two, here's to hoping we get some decent warmer weather here in a couple of weeks. Plus I want to spend more time on the new bike getting it all set up for my liking.

The current plan I'm on has be basically in maintenance mode for running. So it's mostly shorter runs with short intervals in them. Though this week I was able to string together two 7 minute miles in the middle of a 10k, and that's a new best effort for me.

Coming up
This phase will be over soon, I'm just getting into the planning stage for the next one. I'll be doing my first TNT race in a little bit. And the first triathlon is a little more than a month away. I'm getting antsy...

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