Monday, April 1, 2013

March Training Notes

This month my totals looked like

Swim34,400 yards9:50 hours
Bike155.25 miles10:30 hours
Run48.5 miles7:25 hours
1:20 hours

Last Month

Swim34,400 yards10:25 hours
Bike153.17 miles10:35 hours
Run41.5 miles7:40 hours
2:10 hours

March 2012

Swim40,650 yards12:45 hours
Bike121 miles7:45 hours
Run53 miles8 hours
0 hours

I was super tired heading into the 3rd week, and I was getting ready to start a new training block which I've named "Super Nitro Mega X-Scream" so I took that week pretty easy dialing back to about half.

Moved yeardage up without moving time. Basically I was standing around too much. It's feeling pretty good, a good degree of challenge now.

I pulled some longer trainer sessions. I did get my bike out on the roads at once, that was fun. I'm looking forward to more time outside in the warmth. For instance now, I'm writing this instead of going out for a run because with windchill it's is less than twenty.

Did a couple of longer runs, I could really feel it in my legs. Overall though it seems to be going well.

Coming up
The new training plan has an intensity focus, so reduced time / miles, but higher effort overall (hopfully.) They always say, if you want to be faster, then you need to go faster. So more intervals of various lengths with plenty of time for my body to recover between days.

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