Tuesday, August 21, 2012

SILA : 11

It's been a while, but I've not really been doing much reading. But recently I have. So here goes.

Mavic Wind Tunnel Test - Mavic invited a bunch of people to bring whatever wheel combination they wanted to compete against a new set of Mavic wheels. It's sort of interesting to look at the numbers, what is a little more interesting is the candid nature of the article. What is MOST interesting is that they talk about the local tri-shop to MN. Makes me feel lucky to have such a great shop nearby.

Ironman NY Video - I don't know about waiting till 135 miles into a race to ask someone to marry you, but maybe that's awesome

Guide to meal proportions - An interesting take on how to know if you've got your meal in proportion on your plate. If you skip the first paragraph and then instantly get confused let me help you out. Think of your plate like a clock and then use the minutes they provide as a wedge of time on that clock.

Tips for good sleeping - Sleeping is important, and something we're currently struggling with at our house. Though we fall into one of the categories of "it might not be in the cards for you" with a little baby who likes to be awake at night.

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Amy said...

Yup you definitely fall into the "sleep is not for you" category for a few more years.