Friday, September 9, 2011

Season Training Notes

I started training for the tri season in April this year.

Swim yards26:40 hours
Bike1,207 miles56:42 hours
Run233 miles22:52 hours

This season started immediately after my running season, which started immediately after last tri season. The goals going into this year were to start at least as good as last year and then later I decided to focus on the bike.

I did some light swimming in March and April - nothing really that structured. I really hit the pool starting in May. Almost all of these yards are in the pool as part of a team, the coach kept pushing me out of my comfort zone, and while I didn't get much faster, it did have lots of benefits.

I really hit the bike hard this year, it was clearly the focus with almost twice as much time training on it than anything else. I found a good group to ride with, and that really helped a lot. I also made a point (at least early in the summer) to put in some long rides (e.g., 40 miles or more) because I was going for larger events and didn't want to just die on the bike just because I hadn't ever ridden that far.

Having just come off a running season where I had dropped my run pace by almost a full minute I was feeling really good about that so I pretty much put the run on maintenance mode. I had turned some of my running days in to short bike days, and stuff like that.

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