Monday, September 5, 2011

August Training Notes

This month my totals look like this

Swim8,500 yards2:30 hours
Bike216 miles11:32 hours
Run37 miles5:25 hours

So last month I was lamenting how hard it was to get up and go swimming. This month it shows. I am actually surprised to see the run and bike numbers so high, though I did have two races in this month, and when I would miss a swim I would try to make it up with some running.

That many yards really equates to about 4 workouts, it's always hard for me to get up, but when you've got a new baby at home and you're already sort of tired from that it's even harder. Plus I was pretty much done last month mentally :(

The biking miles stayed pretty flat, I wasn't feeling particularly strong on the bike, but my wife kept pushing me out the door to get in the miles. She's great!

So I was worried about the running all summer. I made a decision to prioritize the bike over the run, and that's what I did, and in the end it all worked out. Again, the extra miles came from days when I would miss the swim, but then take some time to get out and run.


Amy said...

Omg my run miles for the week are higher than your run miles for the month. You know that's never gonna happen again. So it's just the good sisterly thing to do to gloat. Okay not really but I am gonna gloat anyway.

Jeremy said...

heh, that figures. You're numbers are sounding pretty high just from what little I've seen on twitter. Looks like you're really getting into a groove!