Thursday, July 10, 2014

Race Preview: Minneapolis Tri

I'll admit it, about 70% of the reason I signed up for this race was to try to win a set of race wheels. I figure a 1 in 2000 chance is pretty decent ;p As for the rest of my motivation - this is the first race of the year and I'm excited to race. I like this race, there's nothing quite like racing the "overwintered" intersections of Minneapolis. I assume they are like the cobblestones you'd encounter while racing The Tour. I was feeling pretty good with my fitness two weeks ago before vacation, so I'm looking forward to blowing some suckers out of the water and then trying like the dickens to hold them off during the bike, and then sacrifice a small pony in T2 in hopes of staying out front during the run :)

Race Info

The swim is a triangle in a lake - spring has been cool and rainy, and the other times I've raced this one it's been wet suit legal, so I'll be trying not to rip my wetsuit to shreds putting it on. For whatever reason this swim always feels fast, so I'm looking forward to a quick showing.

The bike is a 15 mile loop, as referenced above, it's a little bumpy, so I'm going to see if I can hold on to my water bottle for a few more minutes. I had grand plans of figuring out how to secure it better ... that didn't happen. Other than that, the course is rolly, but overall pretty flat.

The run is a loop around the lake we swam in, 3 miles - lefse flat - the goal here is to not watch every single person from my age group run by me :)


Overall - just have a good race. I honestly I have no idea what to expect performance wise. I was talking to someone recently, and figured what I need to do is convince myself that I can push harder on the bike and still run fast. I have heard it can be done, I've never really hit the wall, I think there is gas in the tank.

Closing Comments

Last year I met a guy at this race and then raced him again at Maple Grove, and in both races he ran by me. While it's not super likely I'll see him again, I would like to redeem myself.

The race starts at 7:00 - I start at start around 8. It's a big race, if you've not seen it you should come by lake Nakomis and watch me bring the pain.

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