Saturday, September 21, 2013

Year in Smiles

Sometimes when my wife and I are wishing we had a little more time to do whatever we want she says something like "but you're always doing workouts" and I think to myself "that's not fun, that's hard work." In my head I push myself and hold a less than fun schedule so that I can swim faster, run faster, ride my bike faster. I don't think of it as fun, I think of it as a challenge.

I may not surprise some of you, but I think she may be on to something. I present a small year-in-review photo-replay. These have all been on this blog before :)

Cool morning after Randy's Run enjoying ice cream with the kids

Finishing up Randy's Run

Not standing in the rain at Randy's Run

Super serious on my trek toward a new 5k PR

Me and the Jeffs representing our workplace at Waconia

Heading out on the bike at Waconia

Giving the kids high-5s on the way to a slow run at Waconia

Hanging with the littlest after Waconia

Standing in line at Minneapolis Tri

Finishing the run at Minneapolis

15 seconds of medal wearing at the end of Minneapolis

Exiting bath water swim at Chaska

Post Chaska with my little guy

Post Chaska with the littlest

Finishing up Prior Lake

Hanging out after Prior Lake

Even in my imagination I'm happy to be racing

Before Maple Grove

Getting out of the water at Maple Grove

Post Maple Grove

So - obviously I like to race. But they are way more fun when my family is there. I can't thank my wife enough for coming to all the races and taking all the pictures. All of that effort on her part to wake up the kids, get to the races, cheer like crazy and snap pictures literally makes my life better.

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Sara Lou said...

You do have an awesome wife. :)