Tuesday, March 12, 2013

November - February Training Notes

I debated posting this. On one hand I think it's interesting to see what other's are doing in their training. And I also use these posts as a sort of reference for myself over the months. On the other hand I'm not sure if anyone else thinks its interesting.

My own views won out on this. So I'm rolling up a bunch of months. October was my last full month of training for the season last year.


Swim0 yards0 hours
Bike0 miles0 hours
Run0 miles0 hours

Ahh, the easy life. I was trying to get fat and lazy. I accomplished the lazy part, but not the fat part. My wife recently told me that the reason I didn't get fat is because when I stopped working out I also stopped eating a ton. That is not something I'm going to spend any additional time thinking about.


40 minutes
30 minutes
3 hours
6 hours

This was mostly just to get in some time building strength and whatever else I felt like. My running time is noticeably higher than the bike and swimming because running on the treadmill at the gym is more fun than the bike and easier than the lap pool. I didn't record distances because this was still off season :)


Swim20,200 yards7 hours
Bike11.45 miles1 hour
Run17.58 miles4:10 hours
2:10 hours

This was mostly just more lazing around, sort of just trying to get back in the swing of things, the structured training started on the 28th, which is why I have even one hour on the bike.


Swim34,400 yards10:25 hours
Bike153.17 miles10:35 hours
Run41.5 miles7:40 hours
2:10 hours

And there we have it, the first full month back in the saddle. Most of this was fairly low intensity work, light weights, that sort of stuff.

So there we have it.

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Amy said...

So I had to go back and look at what I did in Feb. Swimming and running were close to what you did. Biking I did 24 hours. Eeek. My mileage totals are off always because of the trainer time. But 24 hours. hopefully I get stronger.