Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July Training Notes

This month my totals look like this

Swim29,250 yards8:30 hours
Bike353 miles19:15 hours
Run60 miles9:30 hours
Paddling10 miles4:20 hours

This month seemed to drag on forever, probably because I wasn't eating any candy :). The first two weeks were supposed to be the end of a bike focus period (which appears to have paid off BTW) but we were also doing all sorts of family related stuff, so I felt like training took a back seat. Then last week I basically took off, I was soooo tired, I just couldn't figure it out. These days I'm just doing some maintenance stuff, and trying to figure out what the rest of the season looks like. I did two races, Minneapolis and Chisago and had mixed results (more on that in a different post.)

Swimming yards are up for the second month in a row, but that is 10,000 yards less than I swam in April. My swimming performance seems very good, so I'm not concerned about it.

Biking is going well, I have gone to the last few times with the bike group and I can tell that overall I am much stronger on the hills than I used to be, and perhaps overall speed is up too. Race performance seems to be showing that too.

I honestly feel like I'm not running ever, but the log disagrees. I am hoping to have a strong run in the next race, and I suppose that's when lack of training would make an appearance if it's a problem.

I put paddling in there because my muscles hurt the next day, and four hours of any specific exercise seems like it should count :)

This month's goal was to not eat sweets. I messed up a few times, but stuck with it. I missed my sweets, I passed on smores and desserts a couple of times.

Next month is to read some books. The books I had chosen are looking less appealing to me right now, but I'll probably just buckle down and read through them. Look for a a couple of book reports from me.

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